Tuesday, August 23, 2011

What's in the Museum Cafe?

I work at the Negros Museum and since we opened our Museum Cafe, everyone I know would ask me about our Museum Cafe. What to eat, What's on the menu, What's the specialty, Do we serve lunch, rice, pasta, blah, blah, blah, blah...

I have constantly talked about it for 2 months now and I guess my mouth is a bit sore from all these talking. Here goes. My personal choices at the Cafe. Next time someone asks me, I will just give them the link.

About the photos, they are from my photographer friends who came to volunteer for our food shoot for the Museum Cafe. Thanks to Quino Yao, Dr. Michael David, Jomi Garrucho, KitKat Lobaton, Lynell Gaston, Ronnie Baldonado, Christine Weber, Nephi Treyes, Bumpy Coscolluela, Marianne Coscolluela and Carlyn Martir.

OKAY...let us start with the first thing that I would usually ask for at the Cafe. The amazing Pork Bitter Balls. These are for real. And they are not Bitter, at all!

These 5 pork balls are deep-fried and are crunchy outside. Inside is just a mouthful of heaven. I don't care what's in it, though I trust our cook about the natural and fresh food that they have been making. I know it's kinda irresponsible for me to say that. But then.....

YOU will definitely understand when you will take a bite of this.

And the orange juice, is squeezed from fresh oranges. 3-4 oranges are squeezed into a tall glass, no sugar, just pure orange juice with its natural fibers. Drink up.

SO NOW, I want to take you to the MEAT OF THE MATTER.

This is the Talisay Ham on Sesame Bread with lots of greens, fresh tomatoes and cucumber slices. Thrown in are some fresh tarragon from the cafe's garden outside. Just ask for mustard if you would like some.

These are my other personal choices from the sandwiches:

Smoked Salmon on Sesame Bread
 Some Bacon and Spiced Pork Belly Ham would also do you good. I didn't provide the photos so you would order them at the our Cafe. Haha!

Homemade Cheese in French Baguette
My favorite bread is the French Baguette, freshly baked everyday. But I love the others too: Sesame Bread, Corn Bread and the Whole Wheat Bread. Heavy bread and you can have it as your lunch because it will hold for several hours on your stomach.
French Baguette   Photo by Ronnie Baldonado
Whole Wheat Bread

Corn Bread
Black Sesame Bread
I don't really have anything to say. I just want to line them up. My heart skips triple-beat when I see something significant as a % symbol.

Ice-cold beer, wine and international liquors are available after 4pm.
For desserts, you need to try the Apple Cake. NAMIT gid ya. But it's a big slice so you might need someone to help you eat it. Rich cake with toasted green apples which are surprisingly sweet and not a hint of the natural apple sourness. And hehehe.... a lot of whipped cream on top. (Photo will be added soon when I have the patience to take a photo of eat instead of just thinking of getting the picture before I finished the whole cake.)

When you order your coffee, don't forget to taste the madeleines with it. I am not a coffee drinker but these madeleines are just fluffy and sweet and melts in your mouth. Perfect.

Madeleines from the Museum Cafe   Photo by Michael David
So anytime you are free, you can come to the Negros Museum (just beside the Hall of Justice and a few minutes away from the Provincial Capitol Building). The food is great and I always feel relaxed when I am there.

And for those asking if they are serving lunch, they have this Special of the Week (or until supplies last) and they have different kinds of international cuisine. They also have the Snack of the day and Soup of the Day. Check them out for their Weekly Specials. If you need to call for reservations or any information, contact 09213307861 or (034) 4334764. The PHINMA Main Gallery is also open for functions,  meetings and events.

They are with the same hours as the Negros Museum: TUESDAYS TO SUNDAYS from 10am-8am.

When i need a break from the office, I go to our Museum Cafe to order Orange Juice or talk with the staff. You may choose to sit outside under the umbrellas with your friends or read a book inside the PHINMA Main Gallery surrounded with the current art exhibits. I am sure you will enjoy the ambience and the food.

I have brought some of my friends here to eat and talk and catch up.

With Easter, Elaine and Odie

Ramon my friend, playing around with the water pitcher
Happy eating!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

CERES PASALUBONG: Ceres is not just my RIDE, It's also my FOOD TRIP

WOW! This weekend is just great!

First of all, I want to thank my cousin, Julie (iamsuperjulie), who designed the new look of my blog. I am also most grateful for her for pushing me to write more and share more. Manang, salamat and I love you gid!

For now, I want to share my sister's work. She is with CERES PASALUBONG INC. I started helping my older sister years before when they started because she can't layout on either CorelDraw or PhotoShop and she said I was good (or so I thought she implied...ehem).

But then, I became more involved because I felt there is more potential in their products. And I have always believed that GREAT PRODUCTS just needs a little boosting in all these --- marketing, packaging, branding, advertising and all that. 

YES guys, I have already tasted every single kind of bread, roll, pasalubong, sweets and whatever they have. Well, let's just say I am my sister's unofficial-official taste tester.

This fairly new company which offers Negros' best in pasalubong, desserts, treats and fresh bread is fast becoming known. Ceres Pasalubong can be found in the different Ceres Terminals all over Visayas and Mindanao. Ceres Pasalubong shops are also located in strategic places around Bacolod City and Negros Island.

More shops and standees will be opened in the next few months in malls and locations here in Bacolod and in other provinces.

FatGoddess' Personal Choices:

I love their PIAYA! I like mine with very thin unleavened bread and oozing muscovado filling and they just nailed it for me. Very moist filling just fills you with this sugar rush, pure and unadulterated sugar rush, courtesy of our very own Negros product, muscovado.

This Ceres Pasalubong Especial, although packed, is near THAT piaya served hot off the griddle.

For the bread, I love their old school mamon (muffin) which they call Kabayan Mamon (very nationalistic eh?). This Kabayan Mamon is simply delicious and like their other bread and rolls, the prices are very reasonable. When I first tasted this, I thought I ate a corn muffin from Kenny Rogers. Surprising at first and then I keep on ordering more of these. Addicting.

And.... (drum roll please).....Spanish rolls -- I just have to tell you this. YUMMY... mmmmm mmmmmm mmmm! Just for PHP 6.00, an ideal snack.

They have so many products and they also help out local producers in Negros. And what is more interesting is that they try to make these traditional baked goodies that we have in our local bakeries. They have the Quinamoncil, Sesame Cookies (a cookie smothered with sesame seeds), Pulceras (a cracker that looks like an infant's bracelet), Teren-teren (comes from the word "tren" or train, the bread resembles a train with coaches), Sambag-Sambag (which really looks like pale Sampalok or tamarind fruits), and the sweet brojas.

I really want to share these products because I know if you taste them, you would agree with me. With Ceres Pasalubong, you get your money's worth with the quality and taste.

If you want to reach them, you can call their hotline +63 34 434-4118 or Mobile No. +63 917 723 2515.

Note: My sister is working for the company, my brother made the branding and I have been helping this company for years with graphic layout for their packaging and marketing. But mind you readers, this is not a paid blog. I just believe in their products and I just LOVE food, what can I say? 

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