Thursday, October 28, 2010

MassKara Festival in Bacolod City 2010

MassKara Festival at night

Streetdancing on a Sunday!

Blueberry Cheesecake: Chasing My Blues Away

One of my favorite things in the world is Calea's Blueberry Cheesecake.

Yesterday was a mix of good and bad but more of bad. Good thing we thought of going out for lunch and having dessert in Calea.

Calea is located beside L'Fisher Hotel, Lacson Street in Bacolod City. It is known to many of us Negrenses as our testament to our famed sweet tooth. The staff is very accommodating and they have been there for years so they already know the cakes and drinks by heart. So just tell them what you really want and they will give you their suggestions.

My friend Harold Geronimo wrote about Calea and its cakes in his column in Manila Standard.

It's always a treat to go to Calea. They never fail to lift my spirits up. Thank you!

Note: My sexy boss T. treated me and my workmate P. for desserts. I am just writing an ode to my fave place Calea. NAMIT!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Luna's Arroz Caldo

One of those late nights with my brother. He is that kind of person who drink and then... EAT.

So at about 1am, we were off to one of Bacolod's not-so-hidden treasures. Luna's Arroz Caldo. 

I forgot my tipsy state and drove along Lacson Street and stopped near Tay Tung High School to get this quick fix before going home.

The staff are very accommodating even if they were chopping millions of garlic on a nearby table. Oh okay not millions, probably 3 kilos of garlic. It just filled the place with garlic...hmmm....

Luna's Arroz Caldo is one of those places that is very consistent with their taste. Arroz Caldo is a rice porridge with chicken and spiced up with lots of ginger. Luna's is distinct among others. 

Of course it is the native chicken that they have on this amazing meal. (For me its pretty amazing especially if you are a bit drunk and you need more than alcohol in your stomach.)

Native chicken, also known to us Ilonggos as bisaya nga manok, is generally considered more tasty than its 45-day old sisters bought dressed (but they really aren't that dressed, they should call them birthday girls). The meat is more tasty and calls for some heavy biting incisors.

And then I just can't get enough and had to ask for a freebie... Just call out "Pwede kadugang kaldo?" (Can I ask for extra soup?) And they would serve you this little bowl of hot soup. Tip: You can ask for more. REALLY. Just don't make it like a soup-all-you-can treat okay? Hey, it's not everyday that we get extras on a 55 peso meal.

Drax, my brother's bestestfriends and technically my brother since I could remember, asked for extra fried garlic. They gave him a bottle of it. Now that's another clap for great service!

And the arroz caldo evaporated to thin air leaving an empty bowl with some bones for the dogs. Kalas!

After one steaming bowl of Luna's Arroz Caldo, this is a guarantee: 50% off on your being drunk ...and maybe a little more! 

How's that for a great night cap?!

P.S. I didn't get paid for this food blog. I just want to do this. And oh... my brother paid for everything.


Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Pork + Monggo = Heaven

Need I say more?

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Golden Balls

It was just one of those slow and easy Sunday afternoons. My 7-year-old niece Ching saw our "suki" vendor coming. Weeee! I missed fishballs!!!

I was and still am salivating over these little crunchies. Actually, Ching is the regular customer. Her all-time favorite.

How to make fishballs? I don't really know the exact process. But for sure you just have to get the right amount of flour, water, scallions, salt, fish flavoring and what-have-yous and combining them to become a starchy mixture. I saw Manong,

(as I usually call this fine chap), use a small scoop to make one small fishball and deep-fry them in boiling hot vegetable oil.

He said the scoop helps it to make them the same size and faster to "dunk" these starchy dots to the burning cauldron of oil.

I asked the fishball vendor if they buy the mixture. He said they just make them because they don't trust commercially produced fishballs which go back and forth from frozen to thawed and back again. Not really safe, he concluded.

Manong was pretty much concerned about having regular customers - most of them school kids, he added - whom he has to take care of every day. I was thinking to myself, a very responsible businessman. I wish all people who are into business would be like him.

And btw, his cart is soooooooo clean. SPOTLESS. Not even a drop of sauce lingers unnoticed. Considering he moves from one area to another swarmed with customers, its probably tough to maintain that.

He so cautiously wards off insects and flies away from the famed streetfood.

That's how I like it... spic and span! WTG Manong!

This food blog is actually a BY-PRODUCT of my blipfoto journal. Let me share to you my blips... a.ka. Mi Dulce Vida. Well for those who aren't familiar with blipping, it's
a photo journal website where you are asked to upload one photo that you have taken in that specific day and it will be your entry for that exact day on your calendar/journal. Plus, you can write about this photo or your experience that day. Pretty neat huh??

Well this day, 4th of July 2010, I blipped about fishballs and I thought that a food blog would be another good venue
for some of the photos that did not make their way to my blipfoto for that day.
So I hope that you all enjoy this as much as I did.

And then, of course, consumption is always the best part of it all.

After snapping photos of everything, I sat back, relaxed and enjoyed my 10-peso snack of 20 golden fishballs. So far, these are the best fishballs I have tasted. 6 stars to you Manong!

Friday, May 21, 2010


March 2011

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