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USLS-IS HS Batch 96 - Medical Mission - Brgy. Cansilayan, Murcia

"I got tired of drinking parties for our batch reunion every year."
"I think we should give back to our community."
"I need to do something worthwhile for us and for others."

15 years out of high school, these are our Batch 96 from the University of St. La Salle-Integrated. We are a fun-loving batch who grew up and realized our bigger world.

The University of St. La Salle - Integrated School HS Batch'96 held their 1st Medical Mission at Barangay Cansilayan, Murcia last Saturday, February 25, 2012 from 8am-2pm. We (with batchmates Doc Mike David, Louie Yasay and SSA Batch 96 Coordinator Tata Torrejon) arrived minutes before 7am to help out in the preparation. And I was really surprised because when we arrived at the barangay's covered court, everything was in place and there were several people who were waiting for us outside the gate. Good job to our partners from the San Isidro Labrador Quasi-Parish.

USLS-IS HS Batch 96 with Fr. Roly Blancaflor

The 11 young professionals of USLS-IS HS Batch 96 namely Tad Caperonce, Dr. Francis Elumba, Dr. Michael Joseph David, Dave Dumdumaya, Alex Arnaldo, Dax Coscolluela, Jude Fornales, Lou Lopez-Pokharel, RN Rina Villanueva and Louie Yasay  partnered with St. Scholastica's Academy-Bacolod HS Batch 96 (Tata Torrejon, Catherine Bril-Jordan and Irene Catalbas-Arnaldo) and the San Isidro Labrador Quasi-Parish headed by their priest Fr. Noli Blancaflor (a very good friend of both alumni).

Our batchmates Dr. Francis Elumba of the Corazon Locsin Memorial Regional Hospital and Dr. Michael Joseph David of the David Medical Clinic spearheaded the Medical Mission.  Other volunteer doctors were Dr. JJ Perez (from USLS-IS HS Batch 98), Dr. Rina Elumba (wife of our batchmate Dr. Francis Elumba) and Dr. Alma Ruiz (a resident of Brgy. Cansilayan and has a clinic in the same barangay).

Dr. Francis Elumba seeing a patient
Dr. Michael Joseph David treating a woman brought by her two daughters to the Medical Mission

Riverside Medical College also sent 2 College Instructors and their 17 Senior Nursing students to assist the doctors. During their free time, they treated and dressed the wounds of children from ages 4-10.

Senior Nursing students from Riverside Medical College manned the Vital Signs Area and Medical Area and assisted the doctors in this mission.
Dr. Michael Joseph David, ENT examines the young boy while RN Rina VIllanueva assists him.
The Philippine Army - Infantry PA headed by Lt. Col. Nelson Trojilio sent men to support the group and to help secure the area.   Several other organizations and companies such as the Sugar Tee Foundation (c/o Mr. Nene Tanpinco), One-Med Marketing and  A-Complex Marketing of our batchmate Dave Depamaylo, LRI TheraPharma (c/o Strawb Acaso) and OEP Pharma of our batchmate Jad Golez, joined in to support this activity.

The Medical Mission served 350 patients from different places around the barangay, with 4-month-old infants to a centenarian grandmother and church member of the local parish. On the side, several kids and adults were given free haircut and all were treated to a snacks and a hot cup of arroz caldo. The patients went under consultation by the 5 doctors which were assigned to handle General, Pedia, ENT, OB Gyne, and Ophtha cases. After consultation, the patients were given free medicine according to their prescription from our doctors.

The volunteer doctors seeing hundreds of patients from 4 month old to centenarian grandmothers.

some of the pre-screened 350 patients.

USLS-IS HS Batch 96's aim to help an adopted community for a whole year to effect change in that place is  pushed by their classmates who are here in the Philippines and abroad. For this year, Brgy. Cansilayan has been chosen because of its proximity to Bacolod City and also, that the local leadership in the church and the barangay is strongly supporting this initiative and closely working with the group.

free haircuts for kids and adults

Free haircut for kids and adults with USLS-IS HS Batch 96 Alumni Louie Yasay and Dave Dumdumaya

The USLS-IS HS Batch 96 is planning to hold a Summer Medical Mission with Operation Circumcision for young boys to be paired with an awareness seminar on Reproductive Health and Solid Waste Management.

Next activities of our batch and in partnership with the SSA Batch 96 is a fun-run for the benefit of the activities we are planning to do so our activities will be self-sustaining already.

June - we plan to get sponsors to give free school supplies to disadvantaged children of Murcia.

We hope that we can get more organizations, companies and individuals to help in our cause that we believe in. And that is,

If you want to get to know more about our group and their initiatives, please contact 09213307861 or 0933-9603627 or email us at


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