Friday, July 6, 2012

Why our island is called Negros?

Why our island is called Negros?
(Negros Island, Philippines)

The Spaniards called the land Negros after the short, dark-skinned natives (belonging to the Ati tribe) they saw on their arrival on the island in April 1565. Thus, they called it ISLAS DE NEGROS describing the inhabitants of the place.

According to Wikipedia: (you can read more about it

Negros (Tagalog pronunciation: [ˈneɡros]) is an island of the Philippines located in the Visayas, at 10°N 123°E. It is the third largest island in the country, with a land area of 13,328 km² (5,146 square mi.). Inhabitants of the island are called Negrenses.


Politically and linguistically, Negros is divided into two provinces: Negros Oriental in the Central Visayas region and Negros Occidental, part of the Western Visayas region. This division of the island, which roughly follows the mountain range in the center of the island, corresponds to the two ethno-linguistic groups. The western part (Occidental) is where the Ilonggo or Hiligaynon-speaking Negrenses are located, and the eastern portion (Oriental) is home to the Cebuano-speaking population.

The chief cities on the island are Bacolod in Negros Occidental and Dumaguete in Negros Oriental.
Negros is noted for being the country's prime producer of sugar. Sugar cane plantations abound in the agricultural areas of the island.

Some other links that you might want to visit to know more about Negros Island in the Philippines:

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Friday, June 8, 2012

Caloy's Buko Pie sang San Enrique

CALL OR TEXT US 09209008072

Layers upon layers of fresh buko meat with the right crunch of its pie crust --- this is what you will TASTE from every single bite of Caloy's Buko (Coconut) Pie sang San Enrique.

I have heard about this special Buko Pie from friends since early 2011 (or maybe earlier). Someone from down south shared with me a piece of this pie. With just one bite, I finally knew what I have been missing in a Buko Pie for a long time.

I got the softest young buko meat layered on a bed of generous custard. I was happy that this pie is not that sweet. Just the right sweetness that it needed. That sweetness that did not overpower the freshness of the young coconut. It was like munching on a mouthful of soft coconut clouds! 

I am now helping the owners to improve their marketing and online communications since we know we have a Facebook market ready. I have actually volunteered to help them a year ago because I knew that they have a good product. And as young entrepreneurs, I also support their idea of doing business in their small town of San Enrique (about 30-40 minutes away from Bacolod City in Negros Occidental). This small business provides jobs for the local people of the town. This is also a great thing for tourism for it highlights the best products of San Enrique.

For deliveries, please call 09209008072.  

A plate of buko pie can be divided into 8 slices. The 9-inch buko pie is in a sturdy box so you can easily bring it as pasalubong. Or better yet, eaten freshly baked on the same day as it is delivered to you. I think the latter is the best way to enjoy your Buko Pie. Or best strategy is to buy one for pasalubong and one for consumption. Fresh buko pies definitely require you to throw away delayed gratification. You just have to eat it while it's hot!


But hey, if you badly need a buko pie fix, we do understand and would like to accommodate your cravings. :) 

If you are near San Enrique or passing by the town, please ring or send a message through these Mobile Nos. +63-927-8297888 or +63-923-8823144. The owners would really be happy to serve you in their main branch. Ask any local around San Enrique and they will lead you to us. The business is also open for hotels and restaurants who would like to feature Caloy's Buko Pie sang San Enrique in their menus or special buffets. 

Click the Facebook Fan Page Caloy's Buko Pie sang San Enrique for more information and some promos that we can think of. 

Have a slice of Caloy's Buko Pie sang San Enrique! Kanamiton!

As for me, I will have to wait for another Negros trip to taste my Coconut clouds :) 


Thursday, May 31, 2012

Another Side of Boracay Island

Punta Bunga Beach is located at the northern part of Boracay Island and is just right next to Shangri-La Resort-Boracay. Away from the loud colors and the noisy activities in Stations 1, 2 and 3, this beach offers a glimpse of early Boracay.

Shangri-La Resort in Boracay Island
On the 4th day of our family summer trip (2012), we celebrated my niece's 12th birthday on this pristine beach. To our left is the cove and to the right is Shangri-La Resort.

It was kinda quiet and peaceful here and you can really relax. (Smile)

From Station 1 we took a motorized boat to go to this part of the island. For Php 1,500.00, our banca's captain agreed to take us there and he even suggested that he will just pick us up again in the afternoon.

The name of our boat is THE NAVIGATOR...WOW! How can we go wrong with that???
Quite a deal already for a group of 11 persons. We went at about 10am and brought our lunch with us. The Captain of The Navigator (our boat) said we will just contact them through SMS. Cool! Thank God for cellular service on this island!

The Cantina
There is a small canteen (carinderia) serving different kinds of food from noodles, fish, meat and of course rice.

We just paid Php 300.00 for the table and ordered some food from the canteen so they would allow us to stay.

Our lunch: grilled pork belly, grilled milkfish (bangus) and salted eggs salad. Of course, spiced vinegar and soy sauce. Nomnomnom!

We really enjoyed swimming in this cove! Beautiful!

My nieces and I enjoyed this private cove so much.
Enjoy our photos and click the photo to enlarge.

Locals selling charms and bracelets to foreigners. Interesting because if you dont have money with you, they are willing to go with you to your hotel so you can pay them. Talking about great customer service!
My brother Edbon painting the scene. My brother's Facebook Page

Painter's Things
The scene

The watercolor painting. 

The Fat Goddess

NOTE: If you want to contact THE NAVIGATOR boat, you can contact Jinell @ +63-948-788-5690. 

Enjoy your Boracay as much as I did! Ciao!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

My Birthday Weekend 2012

My Summer 2012

Cauayan, Negros Occidental - is a town south of Bacolod City in the island of Negros. It has the longest coastline in the province of Negros Occidental.
With friends

Just before going to the beach

My friend Erl - Sunscape

Coconuts against orange and blue skies
Avenger Erl

A Model's silhouette

Fatman with a beer - Silhouette
Honeydew is best eaten when it is chilled. I love it!

Watermelons are the best! Ultimate summer fruit :)

You can buy different kinds of summer fruits just along the highways of Valladolid, Negros Occidental (about 45 mins away, south of Bacolod City)

Cauayan Sunset - April 5, 2012

Lovers or not?

Overlooking Cauayan's islands and shores
Sipalay City's Public Beach

Artistic Diving Resort in Punta Ballo, Sipalay City, Negros Occidental

Peace Pond, Binalbagan, Negros Occidental

Boat. Barkada, Beer. Beach. Birthday.

Note: These pictures were taken with a Blackberry Bold 9000 and edited in Adobe Photoshop CS5.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

What's Cooking: Sugo alla Puttanesca

Welcoming Summer 2012 with Spaghetti alla Puttanesca
Sugo alla Puttanesca by the FatGoddess
Spaghetti alla puttanesca

March 28 - It is now summer in the Philippines.  Although it started out with heavy rains, I am officially welcoming my Summer 2012 with Spaghetti alla Puttanesca, my own version of Spaghetti (due to popular demand from family and friends, I will do another blog about this) and a whole bunch of herbs in our new herb garden. (I bought my herbs from Mamabels Home Garden)

I will give you a hint on how I love food. If it is that gastronomic fireworks display moment in my mouth, then that dish or food is up there in my pedestals (alongside pepper, salt, cheese, spices, etc.).
Spaghetti alla puttanesca takes one slot in one of my great pedestals. (Don’t look for my pedestals in my house, it’s nowhere to be found).  It is easy to prepare, fast to cook and a perfect dish for anyone who is ready to grab a heavy meal.

Puttanesca for me is al dente pasta swimming in olive oil and a generous pool of sauce with crushed, diced ripe tomatoes with salty-sour capers bursting with the olives in your mouth tinged with the minced red chili peppers and salty crushed anchovies.

While doing this blog, I am watching Two Greedy Italians, one of my favorite food and travel shows ever. Genaro and Antonio are really spontaneous and funny. So true to these Two Greedy Italians’ quest of the ultimate Italy and its good food, I also wanted to know more about the history of Spaghetti alla Puttanesca.

Puttanesca's history is very interesting indeed. Several accounts existed around the mid-20th century and the ingredients are very typical of the kitchens of Southern Italy. This pasta's earliest mention was in a 1961 Italian novel and according to the Professional Union of Italian Pasta Makers it also became popular in the 1960s.

Old Map of Italy
Some Italians say that SPAGHETTI ALLA PUTTANESCA, which literally means "whore's style spaghetti", is a favorite meal of the prostitutes hence the name. Another source also referred that patrons of the earlier mentioned were popping in at times that they do not have time to prepare any food. So they just prepare something fast and easy with what is available. Good enough to serve, to take care of the client and to enjoy it after the... uhmmm meetings.

Several websites discuss the inventors of the dish and how the dish was created. And all forks lead to Sandro Petti, co-owner of a famous Ischian restaurant and nightspot Rancio Fellone. One story says that this restaurant owner was about to close his restaurant when clients showed up. He told them that he did not have anything to serve them but these clients were simply hungry and said, "Facci una puttanata qualsiasi!" - Just cook us anything! So this owner used what he had in his kitchen that night and created the Puttanesca sauce!

The sugo alla puttanesca (sugo means sauce) is cooked in so many different ways, different from one person to another but it has 3 common traits: little salty from anchovies, spicy from the peppers and fragrant from the garlic and oregano. It can be served with traditionally with spaghetti but penne, bucatini, linguine and vermicelli can be used too.

Spanish Oregano has tiny leaves and are very aromatic.
I just bought this today and
I love how it adds flavor to the sauce.
Tip: If you don't have thyme, you can use the
youngest leaves as alternative.

A lot of stories for this oooh-so yummy sauce, I love to hear and read about the many facets of this food. Just like in Negros island where I am from, we have great food and each has its own stories. Some food come from specific families or clans that they become synonymous with the dish.

Food is not just food for me. It is something made by loving hands of great cooks disguised as our my mothers, Papas (fathers), lolas (grandmothers), lolos (grandfathers), yayas (nannies), tias and tios (aunts and uncles), brothers and sisters. And everyone and anyone who heats up their pots and pans to fill our tummies and warm our hearts.

Okay now, let me share with you how I make my own version of Spaghetti alla Puttanesca.


Anchovies less than PhP 100.00 (less than US$ 3.00),
Green olives (sorry I cant find black olives since it is not locally produced) and Capers in vinegar 

1 kg pasta
½ cup oil
2 – 3 tbsp. salt

  5 tbsp. olive oil
     1 clove of garlic, minced
     2 onions, minced
     5-9 pieces of anchovies
     black pitted olives (you can also use green), drained and sliced
     capers, wash if salted or drained if preserve in vinegar
5 pieces of red hot chili peppers (or you can use 1 teaspoon of red chili powder)
     400 grams ripe tomatoes, peeled and diced
     Some oregano, finely chopped

How to cook:
1. Cook the pasta in boiling water or prepare according to package instructions. Don’t forget to season the pasta with salt and add oil, and, you can add ground black pepper or a sprinkle of ground oregano and ground basil if you’d like.Very important: set aside the pasta water so you can use it for your sauce.
2. Heat olive oil in a deep sauce pan and cook the garlic until brown. Add the onion and cook for 2 minutes in medium heat.
3. Add the anchovies, crush it with a fork.
4. Prepare a handle of everything: olives, parsley and capers. Set aside some for the serving later.
5. Add the tomatoes, olives, capers, chili and some oregano. Add in a little of the pasta water and cook for 10 minutes in medium high heat to reduce the sauce, stirring from time to time. Add some parsley. Season with salt and pepper. (Special note from FatGoddess: When cooking anything, taste and season along the way. Taste, taste and taste. Enjoy the aroma from the garlic, tomatoes, olives. It’s like smelling the flowers, stir in a little love.)
6. Finally, toss the pasta with the sauce. Serve with freshly chopped parsley and some olives, capers and freshly ground pepper. You can add a few more bits of crushed anchovies.

I just love Parmesan Cheese!
Note: I found out that some believe that it is against tradition to add cheese, but I usually “snow” it with parmesan.

Enjoy life!

Monday, March 12, 2012

Lost to Love
Poem by Ihvonie Sevilleno

November 26, 2011

For Chuchi

I lost myself to love.
I did not see this coming.
With the end of love,
I lost myself to the highway
But I let myself get lost anyway.

To love is a free crazy ride
It is like braving the gush of the waterfalls
To love is a free head spin
It is like jumping into an unknown cave
But you just do it anyway.

I touch my eyes and I thought it was rain
But this is something more like pain
And then I knew, it was all so true
I just found my heart
and it all turned blue.

Sing for me for the last time
Make me breakfast, Wipe my tear,
Reach for a flower for my ear
Raise your glass for this one time
Then, I can forget you for all time.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

USLS-IS HS Batch 96 - Medical Mission - Brgy. Cansilayan, Murcia

"I got tired of drinking parties for our batch reunion every year."
"I think we should give back to our community."
"I need to do something worthwhile for us and for others."

15 years out of high school, these are our Batch 96 from the University of St. La Salle-Integrated. We are a fun-loving batch who grew up and realized our bigger world.

The University of St. La Salle - Integrated School HS Batch'96 held their 1st Medical Mission at Barangay Cansilayan, Murcia last Saturday, February 25, 2012 from 8am-2pm. We (with batchmates Doc Mike David, Louie Yasay and SSA Batch 96 Coordinator Tata Torrejon) arrived minutes before 7am to help out in the preparation. And I was really surprised because when we arrived at the barangay's covered court, everything was in place and there were several people who were waiting for us outside the gate. Good job to our partners from the San Isidro Labrador Quasi-Parish.

USLS-IS HS Batch 96 with Fr. Roly Blancaflor

The 11 young professionals of USLS-IS HS Batch 96 namely Tad Caperonce, Dr. Francis Elumba, Dr. Michael Joseph David, Dave Dumdumaya, Alex Arnaldo, Dax Coscolluela, Jude Fornales, Lou Lopez-Pokharel, RN Rina Villanueva and Louie Yasay  partnered with St. Scholastica's Academy-Bacolod HS Batch 96 (Tata Torrejon, Catherine Bril-Jordan and Irene Catalbas-Arnaldo) and the San Isidro Labrador Quasi-Parish headed by their priest Fr. Noli Blancaflor (a very good friend of both alumni).

Our batchmates Dr. Francis Elumba of the Corazon Locsin Memorial Regional Hospital and Dr. Michael Joseph David of the David Medical Clinic spearheaded the Medical Mission.  Other volunteer doctors were Dr. JJ Perez (from USLS-IS HS Batch 98), Dr. Rina Elumba (wife of our batchmate Dr. Francis Elumba) and Dr. Alma Ruiz (a resident of Brgy. Cansilayan and has a clinic in the same barangay).

Dr. Francis Elumba seeing a patient
Dr. Michael Joseph David treating a woman brought by her two daughters to the Medical Mission

Riverside Medical College also sent 2 College Instructors and their 17 Senior Nursing students to assist the doctors. During their free time, they treated and dressed the wounds of children from ages 4-10.

Senior Nursing students from Riverside Medical College manned the Vital Signs Area and Medical Area and assisted the doctors in this mission.
Dr. Michael Joseph David, ENT examines the young boy while RN Rina VIllanueva assists him.
The Philippine Army - Infantry PA headed by Lt. Col. Nelson Trojilio sent men to support the group and to help secure the area.   Several other organizations and companies such as the Sugar Tee Foundation (c/o Mr. Nene Tanpinco), One-Med Marketing and  A-Complex Marketing of our batchmate Dave Depamaylo, LRI TheraPharma (c/o Strawb Acaso) and OEP Pharma of our batchmate Jad Golez, joined in to support this activity.

The Medical Mission served 350 patients from different places around the barangay, with 4-month-old infants to a centenarian grandmother and church member of the local parish. On the side, several kids and adults were given free haircut and all were treated to a snacks and a hot cup of arroz caldo. The patients went under consultation by the 5 doctors which were assigned to handle General, Pedia, ENT, OB Gyne, and Ophtha cases. After consultation, the patients were given free medicine according to their prescription from our doctors.

The volunteer doctors seeing hundreds of patients from 4 month old to centenarian grandmothers.

some of the pre-screened 350 patients.

USLS-IS HS Batch 96's aim to help an adopted community for a whole year to effect change in that place is  pushed by their classmates who are here in the Philippines and abroad. For this year, Brgy. Cansilayan has been chosen because of its proximity to Bacolod City and also, that the local leadership in the church and the barangay is strongly supporting this initiative and closely working with the group.

free haircuts for kids and adults

Free haircut for kids and adults with USLS-IS HS Batch 96 Alumni Louie Yasay and Dave Dumdumaya

The USLS-IS HS Batch 96 is planning to hold a Summer Medical Mission with Operation Circumcision for young boys to be paired with an awareness seminar on Reproductive Health and Solid Waste Management.

Next activities of our batch and in partnership with the SSA Batch 96 is a fun-run for the benefit of the activities we are planning to do so our activities will be self-sustaining already.

June - we plan to get sponsors to give free school supplies to disadvantaged children of Murcia.

We hope that we can get more organizations, companies and individuals to help in our cause that we believe in. And that is,

If you want to get to know more about our group and their initiatives, please contact 09213307861 or 0933-9603627 or email us at

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