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Why our island is called Negros?

Why our island is called Negros?
(Negros Island, Philippines)

The Spaniards called the land Negros after the short, dark-skinned natives (belonging to the Ati tribe) they saw on their arrival on the island in April 1565. Thus, they called it ISLAS DE NEGROS describing the inhabitants of the place.

According to Wikipedia: (you can read more about it

Negros (Tagalog pronunciation: [ˈneɡros]) is an island of the Philippines located in the Visayas, at 10°N 123°E. It is the third largest island in the country, with a land area of 13,328 km² (5,146 square mi.). Inhabitants of the island are called Negrenses.


Politically and linguistically, Negros is divided into two provinces: Negros Oriental in the Central Visayas region and Negros Occidental, part of the Western Visayas region. This division of the island, which roughly follows the mountain range in the center of the island, corresponds to the two ethno-linguistic groups. The western part (Occidental) is where the Ilonggo or Hiligaynon-speaking Negrenses are located, and the eastern portion (Oriental) is home to the Cebuano-speaking population.

The chief cities on the island are Bacolod in Negros Occidental and Dumaguete in Negros Oriental.
Negros is noted for being the country's prime producer of sugar. Sugar cane plantations abound in the agricultural areas of the island.

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