Thursday, May 31, 2012

Another Side of Boracay Island

Punta Bunga Beach is located at the northern part of Boracay Island and is just right next to Shangri-La Resort-Boracay. Away from the loud colors and the noisy activities in Stations 1, 2 and 3, this beach offers a glimpse of early Boracay.

Shangri-La Resort in Boracay Island
On the 4th day of our family summer trip (2012), we celebrated my niece's 12th birthday on this pristine beach. To our left is the cove and to the right is Shangri-La Resort.

It was kinda quiet and peaceful here and you can really relax. (Smile)

From Station 1 we took a motorized boat to go to this part of the island. For Php 1,500.00, our banca's captain agreed to take us there and he even suggested that he will just pick us up again in the afternoon.

The name of our boat is THE NAVIGATOR...WOW! How can we go wrong with that???
Quite a deal already for a group of 11 persons. We went at about 10am and brought our lunch with us. The Captain of The Navigator (our boat) said we will just contact them through SMS. Cool! Thank God for cellular service on this island!

The Cantina
There is a small canteen (carinderia) serving different kinds of food from noodles, fish, meat and of course rice.

We just paid Php 300.00 for the table and ordered some food from the canteen so they would allow us to stay.

Our lunch: grilled pork belly, grilled milkfish (bangus) and salted eggs salad. Of course, spiced vinegar and soy sauce. Nomnomnom!

We really enjoyed swimming in this cove! Beautiful!

My nieces and I enjoyed this private cove so much.
Enjoy our photos and click the photo to enlarge.

Locals selling charms and bracelets to foreigners. Interesting because if you dont have money with you, they are willing to go with you to your hotel so you can pay them. Talking about great customer service!
My brother Edbon painting the scene. My brother's Facebook Page

Painter's Things
The scene

The watercolor painting. 

The Fat Goddess

NOTE: If you want to contact THE NAVIGATOR boat, you can contact Jinell @ +63-948-788-5690. 

Enjoy your Boracay as much as I did! Ciao!


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